When life gets in the way. . .




I started this blog with the intention of using it as a creative outlet to share everything from my own outfits, book reviews, feature articles, fashion inspiration posts, and anything else that caught my attention. I had hoped to post at least once a week and to share those posts through my other social media channels too. Since I started the blog a couple of months ago I have only uploaded a handful of posts. You can have the best intentions, be the most ardent writer, and still you may find yourself pushing your creative side into the background. Alas, life really does get in the way. With the overwhelming stress of a final year workload, maintaining a part-time retail job, and squeezing in some much needed leisure time with friends, family and a (very patient) boyfriend, anything extra can often get pushed aside. Although this is not how I had planned to start my blog off, it is the reality of it- I haven’t been posting nearly half as much as I had originally wanted to. I recently had a wake-up call and realised that I need to stop letting other elements of my life get in the way of something I’m so passionate about. Even though college is my priority right now, and despite the fact that the majority of my creative juices do go on my English, Media and Cultural Studies course, I am determined to put considerably more effort into blogging. I guess I am writing this more for myself than for any readers that may, or may not be, reading this. (Although if there is anyone out there experiencing the same lack of creative space as I am then hopefully this can provide some food for thought for you too). It also seems a fitting time for a fresh start- the whole ‘new year, new me’ mantra that we all love to hate seems relevant! I’m not sure exactly where it came from but this wake-up call has forced me to consider the importance of not letting your creativity go to waste, and not giving it all away to other outlets while neglecting your own personal interests. In the midst of everything else you may have going on- whether it be a hectic college schedule, a demanding full-time job, or anything else it may be- always remember to put yourself, your well-being, and your passions first. Síomha x