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With her past consisting of design jobs with Lee Jeans, Zimmerman and Shakuhachi it is no surprise that Merryn Kelly’s new brand Third Form looks to be nothing short of awe-inspiring. Encapsulating her own personal aesthetic, the new collection is stripped of colour, with the emphasis being on structure and fit. Third Form prides itself on the fact that it is not seasonal design; these classic pieces can be worn season after season. The shape, colour palette and fabrics are all designed with a modern, minimalist wardrobe in mind.

“Third Form is a curated balance between minimalist sophistication, street edge and the female form.”

The urban influences appear in denim pieces such as the ‘Undoing Jacket’ a stripped back, understated jacket with a classic design in pure white durable denim. While the colour palette is mostly monochrome, Third Form creates a distinct and multidimensional appearance through the use of contrasting fabrics. The ‘Shadow O/S Jacket’ (which is the pick of the bunch for me) is the perfect mix of urban, industrial work wear paired with a feminine silhouette. The jacket is made from 100% black viscose crepe giving it a beautiful shapely silhouette.

Keep an eye on Merryn’s blog and Instagram (@third_form) for updates on the collection, due in stores early 2015.

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