A Pinch of Pinstripe


Pinstripe 1

Pinstripe 4Pinstripe 3Pinstripe 2Pinstripe 5| Dress & Trousers Topshop | T-shirt Forever 21 | Sandals Birkenstock via Voo Store | Sunglasses Ace & Tate | 

This is an outfit I wore to London last week, unfortunately Liadh couldn’t come with me so we shot these pictures when I arrived home the next day. It was a flying visit and I was there for a work event but I did manage to squeeze lots in over the short space of 24 hours. I’ll be publishing a full day’s guide to London over on maven46 next week so have a read of it if you’re planning a trip over soon. One of the main things I wanted to do while I was there was to visit an area in London that I’d never been to before. My last few trips have been mainly based around Shoreditch, and while it is a great area I wanted to try something new. So my first stop was Notting Hill for breakfast at Farm Girl Café and my last stop was Peckham for some drinks with friends, I ticked off two new areas in one day and although very different, I really liked them both. Notting Hill was really picturesque with it’s pastel coloured rows of houses, and all of the trinket and gift shops along Portobello Road. I was there midweek so I didn’t get to see the market, but apparently it gets very overcrowded so I’ve heard a midweek visit can be better. I really liked Peckham too, it reminded me of Brooklyn in New York specifically Bushwick where I lived last year. Apparently it’s the new up and coming area, it has lots of galleries and exhibition spaces and cool bars, we were hoping to make it to one of the rooftop bars but it started raining in the evening so we had to settle for a bar built underneath the railway station- not a bad fallback option, and they made great Pina Colada’s!

The outfit was chosen mainly for comfort reasons, I was flying early in the morning and knew I would have a lot of walking around to do during the day. I originally planned on wearing just the dress but when the forecast predicted rain I threw my trousers on underneath too and so became the pinstripe-on-pinstripe outfit. I picked these trousers up last year when I worked in Topshop, and the dress came in earlier this summer. I waited for it to go on sale and managed to nab it for €13.50 a few weeks ago! I’ve been loving the slip dress style for the past while but I hadn’t found the right one to suit my shape until I came across this one. I love the way it falls straight down and doesn’t cling anywhere on the body, I went a size up to achieve this effect so if you are thinking of purchasing maybe consider that. The Birkenstock’s served me well throughout the day and luckily the rain showers that did arrive were very light so my uncovered feet weren’t compromised, for the most part the weather was really nice which is always a bonus when travelling. I’m already looking forward to my next trip over to London, it’s a great city with so much happening and given that it’s so close I don’t know why I don’t visit more often.

For a more in-depth guide to my day in London keep an eye on maven46 where I will be posting it this week as well as an exhibition review of Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear, this years fashion exhibition at the V&A museum.

Photographs by Liadh Connolly.

Slip Away


Talknthreads-Siomha Connolly-26.6.16Talknthreads-Siomha Connolly-Liadh Connolly-4Talknthreads-Siomha Connolly-Liadh Connolly-2Talknthreads-Siomha Connolly-Liadh Connolly-3DSCF1618crop| Kimono Shirt Jacket COS | Trousers COS | Leather Slip ons Aldo |

As spring approached this year I found myself on the hunt for a new pair of everyday shoes. I haven’t had a pair of ‘shoes’- that is a style that isn’t either boots, runners, or sandals- in a long time, but this season had me longing for a pair of flats for everyday wear. I guess we have Allesandro Michelle at Gucci to thank for that, and while those loafers are high on my wish list, these Aldo slip ons seemed like a pretty good alternative for the time being. So whether we’re calling them slippers, slides, mules or backless loafers (I’ve found all are being used interchangably these days) these are my go-to pair this summer.

The rest of my outfit consists of a couple of my most loved pieces which are both from COS, no surprise there really! This is one of those outfits that I instantly reach for on mornings when I a) can’t make up my mind on what to wear or b) am running out the door and don’t have time to think. While I do love spending time putting outfits together and figuring out new ways to wear old pieces, for the most part this is not always an option when you have to get ready in a rush. COS pieces tend to have this seamless versatility within them and they just lend themselves to each other effortlessly while always looking put together. Any item that makes mornings run smoother gets my vote anyway. To quote the late, great Bill Cunningham: “Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life” and because we may not always have the time or energy to put into compiling new and exciting outfits, it is important that we find the items that will do the hard work for us.

Photographs by Liadh Connolly, who was, and is, greatly inspired by Bill Cunningham and his legendary street style photography.

You’re Making Me Blush


IMG_1653 IMG_1661 IMG_1673 IMG_1684 IMG_1698IMG_1715| T shirt Forever 21 | Trousers Topshop | Bag Mansur Gavriel | Sunglasses Ace & Tate | Watch Michael Kors | Ring COS |

First up I would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who voted for me in the Aussie Blog Awards with Her.ie, I won the most ‘aussome’ fashion blog category on the night of the awards. Thanks also to Her.ie and Aussie Hair and of course my sister Liadh who takes all of my photos and is essentially half of this blog.

Next up, lets talk the threads. I’ve been trying to photograph my Mansur Gavriel bucket bag since I got it at Christmas, but no pictures seemed to do it justice. When we stumbled upon this blush pink wall the other day it was as if it was made for my Mansur Gavriel and its ‘Ballerina’ interior. All of our best pictures are unplanned, it seems that when we have a certain location in mind it never works out half as well as when we accidentally arrive at one. I spent the last two years or so obsessing over this bag, I actually saved up twice while I was in New York last summer but as is the nature of this brand, they sold out each time before I managed to buy it. When Net-A-Porter re-stocked the collection in December I finally managed to get my hands on it (with a little help from my boyfriend!) and on Christmas morning it was mine. This is the large bucket bag and it is a really generous sized everyday bag. It fits all of my essentials; notebook, diary, phone, make-up bag, purse with plenty of room to spare. The only downside to the bag is that it doesn’t feel the safest as there is no zip/button closure and the drawstring never fully closes. My solution to this is to store all of my valuables in a small pouch within the bag to avoid any risk. The leather is stiff but feels really glossy, and while it does scratch quite easily, the vegetable tanned leather is said to age quite beautifully and scrapes are a natural part of this process so I don’t think this will affect its appearance too much over the years. Mansur Gavriel is a relatively new company having only launched in 2012, but their products, specifically the bucket bag, gained cult status quite quickly and have been in high demand for the past few years with whole collections selling out within hours of their release. Their New York designed and Italian made products are simple in design, but their quality is far from simple with their bags created using only the finest full grain leathers available and producing only a limited run of their collection each time they re-stock. The upside to this is that it’s not the type of designer bag you’re going to see on everyone’s arm walking down the street, in fact, I’ve only met one other person in Dublin who has a Mansur Gavriel so far.

The next item I’d like to talk about are my sunglasses. Ace & Tate are an Amsterdam based company offering really good quality, modern design glasses at affordable prices. Coincidentally, like Mansur Gavriel, Ace & Tate’s products are also produced in Italy and most of their frames are made from acetate (which is where the name comes from) a renewable resource making all of their acetate sunglasses 100% bio-degradable. These sunglasses were gifted to me a while back and I’ve been waiting patiently for sunny weather to arrive so that I could start wearing them, over the past few weeks I’ve thankfully gotten lots of wear out of them. I went for the ‘Turner’ in colour ‘autumn leaves’, I love this style the print is subtle enough to go with everything and the shape compliments my small-ish face!  They sell both prescription and non-prescription glasses and they now deliver to Ireland so there’s no excuse not to treat yourself to a new pair of sunnies this summer. Next on my list is either the Scott or Rae styles, if you do decide to buy a pair, good luck choosing- it’s a near impossible decision!

Including both of these brands in the one post was a coincidence determined only by the fact that I happened to be wearing them both the day we took these photos. But given that the core values of both companies are relatively similar it was certainly a happy coincidence. Both are highly respectable brands who stay true to their designs and morals to ensure their customers receive products of the highest quality at fair prices. They are not mass-produced and the quality of the items attests to this. Mansur Gavriel’s prices range from roughly $400-$1000, and while I do realise that this is a lot of money it is significantly less than the majority of most designer bags. The large bucket bag which I own is priced at €615. Ace & Tate’s sunglasses are sold at a flat rate of €98 including free delivery and returns, which I’m sure you won’t need to avail of because there’s no reason not to love their glasses. I’m becoming more accustomed to the idea of spending more and buying less, a practice sometimes difficult to justify at first but once you begin you won’t look back. Spending more on one item that will last you a considerable amount of time makes far more sense than buying three, four, or even five items for the same amount of money that will last no more than a couple of wears. When you consider cost per wear suddenly those expensive items seem far more justifiable. If you are considering making a big investment purchase this year make sure to think about the longevity of the item’s style, its practicality, and your needs. Have any of you made a big purchase recently or are planning one soon? Let me know in the comments section below.

Photos by Liadh Connolly.

A Painter’s Palette


talknthreads-painter palette 1


painter palette 2painter palette 3painter palette 4painter palette 5| Coat COS | Shirt Topman | Trousers Topshop | Bag Mansur Gavriel | Sunglasses Ace & Tate |

Sometimes the seasons require a helping hand in the form of some wishful thinking on our behalf. It may have been slightly early to bring out such a bright, pastel-like colour palette but when you’ve been trapped in what seems like an endless winter even the slightest sight of sunshine can set your mind racing. Thoughts of longer days and brighter weather spring to mind, and one can’t help but imagine the upcoming events and lifted spirits that the warmer seasons bring.

The sunny day that provoked this outfit was hopefully a sign of what’s to come. With the change of weather, I wanted a look that didn’t consist of my usual black/grey/denim outfits, so this oversized pale blue shirt was the perfect piece to pair with my white cigarette trousers from Topshop (purchased a couple of years ago). As you’ve probably noticed from following my blog or Instagram, I am a big fan of this style of trousers. The relaxed fit make them comfortable for everyday wear while also being smart enough to work for evening when required. With my camel coat worn on top and a pair of white runners it was a perfect outfit for a day around town. The camel coat has been my hero piece all winter, and while I am definitely ready for warmer weather I have to say I’ll be a bit sorry to have to put it away until next winter.

Wearing clothes that may not be fully weather appropriate for current climates can be used as a gentle reminder of what’s to come. An act of “getting yourself in gear” so to speak, and one that gives me joy in knowing warmer weather and longer days are well and truly on the horizon. Outfits like this can be seen as tiny attempts at making a modest but firm statement; we are ready and waiting for you, summer.

Photographs by Liadh Connolly. Have a look at her brilliant new website: liadhc.com

The Golden Hour



talknthreads-etsytalknthreads-etsytalknthreads-etsy| Necklaces: Etsy | Shirt: H&M | Rings: Stella & Dot | Magazine: Issue 13 The Gentlewoman |


I recently got the chance to collaborate with Etsy. In case you haven’t heard of it (have you been living under a rock?!) Etsy is an online marketplace where people worldwide can buy and sell goods. Etsy focuses a lot on hand made crafts, but you can also find some really unusual vintage pieces and craft supplies too. When I was approached by Anna at Etsy, she initially told me about how Etsy were expanding their Irish market both among buyers and sellers, and so the EtsyIRL campaign was born. This campaign, as well as standing for Etsy Ireland, also has a second meaning which is Etsy In Real Life. It was designed to bring Etsy off the screen and into, don don don… the real world. These days the digital world saturates so much of our lives, our phones are fast becoming an extension of our hands, laptops are a daily necessity for many, and television, well, how many of us find ourselves coming home from work every day and plonking ourselves on the couch in front of the TV until it’s time to go to bed? Sadly, this is the reality for many, and while the internet can be a great place for many things, there’s nothing quite like some quality REAL time. So the idea behind this simple initiative to organise an Etsy campaign that promoted this was definitely something I could get behind.

Myself and a number of other bloggers/influencers/media personnel were invited into the Etsy HQ in Dublin for an afternoon of brunching and workshops, finished off with a tour around their unbelievable offices. Etsy prides itself on its community; among Etsy staff, buyers, and sellers. And that’s what the Etsy blogger brunch was all about. There is such a vast amount of Irish sellers on Etsy and there’s also an option to search by location, allowing you to find some real treats from the many homegrown talents living on our little island.

With Etsy vouchers that I was gifted, I chose to get these gorgeous gold layering necklaces. I’ve had my eye on this type of jewellery for a while and when I came across this shop that personalised each necklace for individual buyers I knew I had to order them. They made my necklaces in specific lengths that I chose, they finished them with gold-plating, and they even stamped the disc necklace with my initial. Next on my list is something from one of the many talented Irish Etsy sellers, I’m thinking I should add to my Chupi collection? Or perhaps order myself a print from Clover Rua? There is so much to choose from, Etsy is one of those websites that you can just spend hours sifting through, and I for one have. If any of you know of nice Etsy shops please send them my way, I’d love to discover some more.

This post is in collaboration with Etsy. 

Photographs by Liadh Connolly.