Navy Sway


talknthreads-cos-outfit-manchester-liadh-connolly-siomha-connolly-1talknthreads-cos-outfit-manchester-liadh-connolly-siomha-connolly-2talknthreads-cos-outfit-manchester-liadh-connolly-siomha-connolly-3talknthreads-cos-outfit-manchester-liadh-connolly-siomha-connolly-4talknthreads-manchester-cos-outfit-siomha-connolly-liadh-connolly| Jacket & Jumper COS | Jeans Vintage Levi’s 501s |

A fail safe outfit of jeans and a jumper that can be elevated up and out of the ordinary by the simple addition of just one interesting piece. Of course it’s this marvelous creation from COS that played the role in this picture. The double fold sleeves, oversized detatchable cocoon-like hood and the asymmetric hems, these are just a number of the elements that make this jacket what it is.

This jacket might just be my favourite purchase of the year. Looking back on 2016 I can definitely see a change in my spending habits. I think getting out of working in fast-fashion retail has definitely helped. By not being surrounded by immediately accessible impulse purchases day in day out I now find myself less inclined to buy. Of course I still work in fashion and probably spend more time now trawling the internet, “virtually” virtually shopping if you will, in order to find products for posts on maven46. But it’s definitely noticeable that my high street shopping has massively decreased. While I do like a lot of the stock that comes into say Zara or H&M (specifically the Trend section), it has to be something quite noteworthy to actually make me purchase these days, which is most definitely a very, very good thing.

COS on the other hand will forever be my weakness. Season after season, year after year, their designs go from strength to strength. And even though it’s run by the same company as H&M there is an infinitely different shopping experience when it comes to COS, it would be easy to not know that they are in fact sister stores. There’s a reason that most of the items you see on my blog tend to be from COS and this jacket is testament to the unique, interesting and current designs that they continue to produce, time and time again.

Photographs taken by Liadh Connolly.