Flareway to Heaven


Untitled-1Images from Style.com Marni SS15 Show.

I’ve been playing around with ‘70s style shapes for a while now so the resurgence of this era’s fashion is something I’m looking forward to come spring. Although I’m not usually one to let trends dictate my wardrobe choices it does mean that there is more availability of certain types of clothing once a certain trend gets pushed to the forefront of the fashion stage. It can, however, have a negative effect, as soon everyone begins to look like clones of each other but I think once you put your own individual twist on them, you can make ‘trend pieces’ work within your wardrobe. The most important thing when bringing a trend into your wardrobe is to introduce particular elements of it, it’s very easy to go overboard. So, for the purpose of this post I’ll be focusing solely on 1970s style flared trousers.

As much as I try to be selective with my clothing purchases sometimes it’s just easier to go into a high street shop and pick out that one piece that encompasses everything (or almost everything) you’ve been looking for. Over the next few months we are going to be seeing an abundance of flared trousers and jeans which is going to make the trend really accessible to many high street shoppers. Although the high street is often the easy option, I do thoroughly enjoy finding little treasures in charity shops or one-off sales that no one else will have, even if I have to get them altered to make them work. There’s something really special about knowing that no one else will have the same piece as you, even if that does sound a little bit selfish! Take for example my off-white/high-waisted/wide-legged trousers -the trousers of (my) dreams- I found them in a charity shop last summer for €6, yes €6! (You can see them on my Instagram here: http://instagram.com/p/wBqBc_rkZK/?modal=true and here: http://instagram.com/p/sp7w3yrkR-/?modal=true )

Now to be fair they weren’t perfect when I found them, well they may have been perfect for someone with a size 14 waist, but not for me, I had to have them altered to fit my shape but they turned out to be better than I imagined. They sit high on the waist with the perfect amount of flare at the end. They maintain a sophisticated shape while still allowing for the option to be styled in a more relaxed way, which is my aim for this spring. In the forthcoming months I’ll be pairing my bargain pants with loose, flowing tops, a platform shoe, and a neck scarf or kimono belt á la Marni, to hit that 1970s nail on the head.

The Marni 2015 spring summer show, ‘Marni’s Flower Market’, also encompassed another of my favoured fashion influences, traditional Japanese styles. The ebb and flow of the floaty fabrics is often contrasted with the meticulous structure of the garments, this natural movement while at the same time slightly rigid structure is something that I have found myself drawn to for a while now. I’ve often said that I’m not a follower of trends, but I do like to work them into my wardrobe once I feel that they are in some way reminiscent of my own personal style. So I look forward to welcoming spring, warmer weather, and carefully curated ‘70s styled outfits. I’m thinking Bianca Jagger and her trademark white suit, or any of her outfits in the Studio 54 days for that matter.