Brooklyn Bargains


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After what’s been weeks of procrastinating/having too much fun to think about anything myself and Liadh finally got around to shooting some outfit pictures in New York. We have been here almost two months now (seriously, is summer flying by for everyone else too?!) and are having the most amazing summer, but now since we are into our last month we have vowed to focus on blogging and taking photos and take advantage of the incredible backdrops hidden around every corner you turn. One of my favourite things about living in Brooklyn are the phenomenal rooftop views so for our first shoot we ran up to the roof just before sunset to capture the snaps that you see above.

Now, onto the outfit, one of my other favourite things about living in Brooklyn are the ridiculous bargains to be found in thrift stores, flea markets, and street stalls. This entire outfit was thrifted, apart from the trusty birkenstocks which have barely left my feet all summer-I have significant stripy tan lines on my feet to vouch for that fact. These GROOVY ombré jeans are vintage Ralph Lauren that I rooted out in a Bed Stuy Salvation Army thrift store last week for $8. There’s nothing like the ultimate satisfaction you feel when you try on something in a second hand store and it fits like a glove! The best part about these jeans is that they were actually brand new as well, they had all the tags still on them when I bought them so $8 is an absolute steal if you ask me.

The shirt is from a bargain store also in Bed Stuy called Danis that I stumbled upon one day before brunch while looking for some cropped trousers to cover my flaming sunburnt legs. I found a great black linen pair, by the way, that will feature in another post. The shirt caught my attention for the angled shoulders and flared loose fitting shape. And, at a mere $6 this was definitely a bargain.

The third and final bargain find of the outfit is my new (second) most prized possession- more about my first in a following post..all I’ll say is it starts with a Y ends with an L and has a big S in the middle, check my instagram if you are too curious to wait for the post. I picked this Hermés silk scarf up at a flea market in Bushwick last week. It’s a thin neckerchief that I’ve taken to wearing wrapped around my wrist or tied onto the side of my bag. It was a little more expensive than my first two finds but it’s a classic accessory that I’m sure I’ll wear forever.

So, that concludes my bargains of the week. It seems there are plenty to be found in New York if you look in the right places. Hopefully I’ll find some more before I come home next month, check back over the next couple of weeks for updates!

Photography: Liadh Connolly contact: