A Painter’s Palette


talknthreads-painter palette 1


painter palette 2painter palette 3painter palette 4painter palette 5| Coat COS | Shirt Topman | Trousers Topshop | Bag Mansur Gavriel | Sunglasses Ace & Tate |

Sometimes the seasons require a helping hand in the form of some wishful thinking on our behalf. It may have been slightly early to bring out such a bright, pastel-like colour palette but when you’ve been trapped in what seems like an endless winter even the slightest sight of sunshine can set your mind racing. Thoughts of longer days and brighter weather spring to mind, and one can’t help but imagine the upcoming events and lifted spirits that the warmer seasons bring.

The sunny day that provoked this outfit was hopefully a sign of what’s to come. With the change of weather, I wanted a look that didn’t consist of my usual black/grey/denim outfits, so this oversized pale blue shirt was the perfect piece to pair with my white cigarette trousers from Topshop (purchased a couple of years ago). As you’ve probably noticed from following my blog or Instagram, I am a big fan of this style of trousers. The relaxed fit make them comfortable for everyday wear while also being smart enough to work for evening when required. With my camel coat worn on top and a pair of white runners it was a perfect outfit for a day around town. The camel coat has been my hero piece all winter, and while I am definitely ready for warmer weather I have to say I’ll be a bit sorry to have to┬áput it away until next winter.

Wearing clothes that may not be fully weather appropriate for current climates can be used as a gentle reminder of what’s to come. An act of “getting yourself in gear” so to speak, and one that gives me joy in knowing warmer weather and longer days are well and truly on the horizon. Outfits like this can be seen as tiny attempts at making a modest but firm statement; we are ready and waiting for you, summer.

Photographs by Liadh Connolly. Have a look at her brilliant new website: liadhc.com