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talknthreads-outfit-manchester-liadh-connolly-siomha-connollytalknthreads-outfit-manchester-liadh-connolly-siomha-connolly-6alknthreads-outfit-manchester-liadh-connolly-siomha-connolly-2talknthreads-outfit-manchester-liadh-connolly-siomha-connolly-4| Jumper & Trousers Zara | Bag Céline Trio | Shoes Gucci Jordaan Loafers | Necklace Etsy |

Comfort is a must for me when it comes to clothes, so whenever a trend comes around that has anything to do with leisurewear, loungewear or a mixture of both you can guarantee that I’ll be dipping my toes into it before long. That means that 2016 has been quite the year for me sartorially speaking. Leisurewear came to the forefront of fashion with track pants, hoodies and puffer jackets swooping into stores, reminding us that those long-forgotten ’90s outfits were, in fact, relevant once more. While I open my arms (and wardrobe) to these types of trends it’s important to introduce them in small doses at first. This combination of athletic-inspired trousers (occasionally referred to as ‘joggers’ or ‘track pants’), an oversized jumper and flat loafers seemed to me the most accessible option. The jumper adds to the relaxed feel of the outfit while the loafers and accessories serve to sharpen it up ever so slightly. Look to Zara and Mango for affordable options, while Être Cécile and Maje have pairs that are slightly pricier but worth it. As we quickly slide into December and the upcoming festivities present themselves in abundance, consider an outfit that will see you through in both comfort and style.

Photographs by Liadh Connolly.