First Call of Autumn



talknthreads-manchester-outfit-liadh-connolly-siomha-connolly-6talknthreads-manchester-outfit-liadh-connolly-siomha-connolly-4talknthreads-manchester-outfit-liadh-connolly-siomha-connolly-2talknthreads-manchester-outfit-liadh-connolly-siomha-connolly-2talknthreads-manchester-outfit-liadh-connolly-siomha-connolly-2talknthreads-manchester-outfit-liadh-connolly-siomha-connolly-2dscf2986| Coat COS | Jeans Vintage Levi’s | Top Armor Lux via Scout Dublin | Shoes Gucci Jordaan Loafers | Bag CĂ©line Trio |


talknthreads-manchester-outfit-liadh-connolly-siomha-connolly-2Seasons are changing

Colours of autumn appear

Leaves float before fall.

It can only mean one thing. Autumn is here and ready to be embraced. The camel coat is out again and soon bare ankles will be a thing of the past. The buildings above illustrate the shift perfectly as they appear weathered to perfection and are brushed in an autumnal palette all year round. The most beautiful season of all, embrace it while you can.

Photos taken in Manchester by Liadh Connolly.